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Last week we had a presentation about the city of Stavanger (Norway). We are making a research and my group have to investigate about the geography of the country.

General ideas about the country and Stavanger city;

Norwey population: about 5.000.000 inhabitants
Surface area: 385.252 km2

The weather in Stavanger: 
between 7º-12º C
max. 25º C in july

Norwegian life:
7 am-8 am:   have breakfast
8 am-4 pm:   work
12 pm:          have lunch
5 pm- 6 pm:  have dinner

They love the natura overall the untouch nature
They used to go out the city during the weekends

At home
They love staying at home so they spend a lot of money there. They only go to a restaurant to celebrate a special event.
The perfect house has a garden like in the rural area and open structures with living room+kitchen
Young people buy an appartment when they are single and they sell it when they marry.

There are a lot of cars because they use it to do everything although the complain about the traffic jams.
The public transport is not rather good.

They travel a lot to another countries and spend a lot of spare time

Norwegian architecture history
Cabins in the mountains have green roofs
Stave churches
Art and wood in constructions
Hand made work in wooden
Rural settlements

Norwegian modern architecture
Relationship between nature and architecture (for example: Trollstigplataet, Reiulf Ramstad architects)

Prekestolen cabin, Helen & Hard

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre, Snohetta

Norwegian opera in Oslo, Snohetta

Stavanger city
Strong economy base on the oil business
A lot of people who work there during the week return to their countries and the city is empty during the weekends
235.985 inhabitants
Small city centre
Low dense city structure

Nuart festival: art in the walls

Stavanger east
Old industrial area under transformation
Propose to create an identity
The area has social challenges in order to eliminate the bad image historically of being a dangerous and criminal zone
They are large differences in scale ans city strucuture
Now the building city is a diverse downtown area with residential, commercial, culture, service and recreation areas

The end of the project is generate a life through new settlements in a cluster

Near the soil where is situated our project there are:

A theatre: Tou Scene


An economy school: BI-bygget

Johann LS

Ostehuset Ost Caffe

The edible Stavanger east pretends to:
Solve the social challenges
Attract more families to live in the district
Enhance focus on sustainable lifestyle
Create physicalle a greener district
Strenghten the create identity

The proposes of Urban Sjofront
Communication between people and gouverment
Advising developers
Creating urban activity


If you want to know more about Norwegian life, you can watch this video (in Spanish)

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